it can’t always work… [VeganMoFo – Day11]

it can’t always work… [VeganMoFo – Day11]

11 days since the beginning of Vegan MoFo, 11 days of intense cooking… I can’t pretend it always works. Far from it. Here is my latest failure, quite in theme with today’s « cookbook wednesday » theme…

Well, my idea was to try a miniature mug cake. The recipe comes from Lindsay Nixon’s Everyday Happy Herbivore, a great book for simple yet delicious recipes. Well, it seems that the size (and shape) does matter… I made it before, it worked really well in the « regular » size, but here I am, thinking about miniature mug cake in expresso cup, to serve with café as a « café gourmand » (which is an expresso with a couple bite-size sweets). That’s quite in fashion right now in France, most restaurant have the « café gourmand » option for people who don’t feel like having a full dessert but still want to end their meal with a sweet (which might apply for 99% french population)

Anyway…. I prepared the batter, poured it in expresso cup, filled half the cup so I though it should be just fine.

Well, it didn’t.

Cake was good though. But not as pretty as expected…

I modified Lindsay’s recipe as I received Dandy Marshmallows I ordered from the US and I wanted to try them in baked goods right away. I can’t blame the mug-cake-explosion on the marshamallow,  yet, it was even messier to clean up !!!

Did this kind of stuff happened to you to ? I wondered if it could come from the shape of the mug… If you have any insights on that, I’d be glad to hear it !

Here’s the mess….

mug explosion

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  1. I’ve definitely had that happen to me, even in a regularly sized mug! If it still tastes good I wouldn’t call it a failure! My friends and I call our mistakes « whimsical ». :-)

  2. I would suspect the marshmallows. They have a tendency to expand wen microwaved. Maybe try again without the marshmallows and slightly less batter in the cups? Looks like they would be good. I have yet to try a mug cake. Looks fun and easy!

    1. il l’est toujours ! c’est juste parce que c’est un article dans le cadre du Vegan Month of Food et que ce n’est pas une recette que je n’ai pas traduit ! tout le reste est en français :)

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